SPARK works to grow art institutions. We are pioneer combining four main areas: Audience Development, Fundraising, Communication & Design and Programming & Production.

We work with museums, cultural centers, galleries, theatres, orchestras, musical groups, dance companies, art magazines and also individual artists.

Based in Lisbon, Portugal, SPARK has partners in Latin American and in the USA.


SPARK’s mission is to stimulate the continuous and sustainable growth of art institutions through emerging and innovative Audience Development and Fundraising strategies. We have created a model based on our four main areas, which provide our clients with a framework that can guarantee them a sustainable growth.


At SPARK, we are 100% results-oriented for lasting solutions that impact your bottom line, but we also keep in mind the value of the individual. We are strong believers in each person’s dignity. This is, above all, our main value. We work to protect the artist’s dignity and the integrity of our clients and partners.


Our main job is to demand results. Consultants deliver reports, we deliver results you can see. This is one of the principles of SPARK’s foundation, and it is rooted in our own company culture.